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It even works on Firefox mobile. On android, use NewPipe instead of the YT app, it can play in background and doesn't have ads. Ads are a cancer of the web, will track you and reduce your battery life.

Sell Bitcoin, Save Lives: Some Bitcoin Simulators
> Carbon emissions are calculated to lead to one premature death for every 300 to 3,000 tonnes of CO2 emitted [*], and are projected to make an area containing 3 billion people uninhabitable [*]. > >Bitcoin is currently estimated to be responsible for 65.4 megatonnes of CO2 every year [*] with some estimates as high as 114 megatonnes [*]. > >So, just doing the math here, Bitcoin is adding between 21,800 and 380,000 premature deaths annually, and contributing significantly to climate change that will displace billions. > >We can stop this! But to do so you need to explicitly sell Bitcoin.

The system doesn't work, these people need to be tried in court. But they're rich unfortunately.

Since the system is “decentralized”, this message is copied to all subscribers. If the poster has 100 “friends” then 100 copies go out, similar to an email with 100 recipients. However, the message continues to be replicated to subscribers of the subscribers.

That’s just plain wrong, it only gets replicated to subscribers of the subscribers if they boost it. Which is completely fine, I don’t think all of this is a problem.

Their test of simply following everyone is really dumb, since 8000 follows are like an instance of 100 people (maybe even more, I don’t know how much the follows tend to overlap, if people follow the same accounts)… I wonder which footprint his medium article has.

Do you know any good .onion links, freenet links or .i2p sites?
cross-posted from: https://feddit.de/post/167818 > One day we'll maybe have a .onion and .i2p lemmy site 😍

Why are so few men kindergarten teachers? Because they’re from a young age not even told that it’s a valid option for a man. Same for women in tech.

YouTube keeps changing their scripts so that it has only worked about 1 week per month for the last 5 years.

I use it a couple times per week and it has worked 99% of the time for the last 5 years. Maybe you’re doing something wrong.

I mean honey isn’t vegan, yeah. Yeast is though, obviously.

Try to keep your young child healthy with soy milk, as I have seen in some cases of fanatical vegans, with dire consequences.

Why would I give soy milk to young children?? Children have mothers milk or specially crafted formula and then start eating other foods.

That’s weird as hell I’d like to see a follow up on that. What could be the reason?

>You want to know the value of Mastodon over Insta? Posted this on Instagram to the 15k followers I have there, properly tagged. 29 likes, no comments. > >Masto? *So* much engagement. So much fun discussion. So much more community. > >Numbers don't mean squat if you don't have the follow through. I've never sold a single piece of art through Insta. People on Insta like passively browsing through images and tapping the heart. For an artist, it's a useless audience.

what exactly do you mean? Censorship is such a broad term.

for this very good effortpost I will award you 1 of my lemmy bucks! Proof will be edited, once the transaction is complete.

Edit: https://feddit.de/post/154711 the transaction has been written in stone on the immutable sub (as long as the mods keep their hands off it)

Thanks this was hilarious. After the first one I was afraid that some start-up might actually try to pitch the idea ^^

Also I didn’t know that bitcoin is just as fast as a single 56k modem :D

Well maybe I don’t want to use software that reports to the creators if I saw their posts or not.

I also wouldn’t leave my window tiled open if I lived on the ground floor. Upper floor though? It’s fine there :)

Right to repair has saved us paying someone to do it for us.

what do you mean by this?