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Our school just changed our Wi-Fi network to certificate login instead of password, should I be worried?
So our small university changed our networking from regular wifi to wifi with certificates. They use securew2 to setup certificates on android and root certificates for linux. Should I be concerned? I know on iOS the certificates are marked as untrusted from what many students have told me. What should I look for in a certificate as I really don't know much but hate the idea of installing something on my phone to use wifi....

you feel like it would be better to run it in a sandbox work profile with google services

I own a pair of phantoms, love them, although they’re just a bit expensive.

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/161182 > I need to get payrange laundry app for laundry at my college, but I'm running a degoogled phone, and it doesn't pop up in aurora store