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Yes, Google and Apple each have their own preferences in breaching the user’s privacy. Like, Google loves targeted ads while Apple wishes to know your location whenever

This idea hasn’t come to my mind until now, but if it’s true, nobody should hesitate any longer & should abandon MS products for good

Steam solves the “problem” by making a shared library accessible for only one user at a time. But I guess you can still meet up & play or watch together

Sharks are real nice ya know

What doesn’t kill you…

Fun fact: Star fruits are the only fruit named after a shape 🤗

Just because she’s a girl doesn’t mean she can’t film herself putting large objects inside her mouth without getting sexualized

The irony is that the company uses data from Crisis Text Line to make their customer support more “empathetic”.

We’re seeing the symptom of a mental sickness of various causes that have to be tackled right from the root.

The fact that a culture of incels could even emerge is already a warning sign that something is going awfully wrong at the intersection of socialization x sexuality.

As many have commented here, these people need help and chatbots shouldn’t be the solution. They can’t teach socially acceptable/respectful behavior.

That doesn’t make sense. How are people supposed to fight together if they are actually divided, as incels vs feminists clearly demonstrates?

While the driver is certainly to blame for not paying attention, one must ask why he even blindly trusted on the system in the first place. Tesla could still be found guilty for false advertising.

There’s an ongoing review to check if Tesla is violating the DMV regulation that bars companies from marketing their cars as autonomous when they are not.

Tesla’s real crime here would be lying to people, not caring about their lives, only for their own profit.

Or accidentally CTRL-V on a text you wanted to copy

I have a thick case around my phone which makes wireless charging suck even more

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