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How to deal with duplicate communities within and across instances has been an ongoing concern.

You can search for topics you have an interest in and then subscribe to communities based on the results that appear. QuentinCallaghan also mentions how to find communities on other instances, by selecting “All” on the Community List page.

But that raises a good point: has a great many more communities than other instances.

Did you ask your college about an alternative way to pay for laundry without the app? In my experience so far, universities are fairly accommodating if it’s a service they run.

Tip: Don’t get too technical with your explanation about why it doesn’t work. Something simple like: “It’s incompatible and won’t run in your phone despite your best efforts to make it do so,” should be good enough.

I just love it when the US government hires out private companies with proprietary software to perform sensitive public services like these! /s

The article itself links to one small justification for the change on the online front, namely How 100 Million in Jobless Claims Went to Inmates, which is absolutely mind boggling. The entity in charge of both deciding who gets thrown in prison and for how long, cannot keep track of those same people when it comes to jobless claims. Yes, this type of federal / state coordination is difficult and there are lots of reasonable reasons it turned out this way, but the result of the mess is almost comedic, were it not just sad.