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They know exactly what they do. Your data is money for FB, if the datas leaked, it’s your problem not FBs. Collateral damage.

-I’ve looked on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitch… I don’t remember what I had to look at.


-Oh, yeah, right, I forgot, your broken leg

That was how Moebius invented his strip

Strange people, flatearthers an conspiranoics in Odysee, not really a good alternative, I prefer to use one of the Front-ends (Piped, CloudTube, YewTube, FreeTube, etc), Google Streetview don’t has a alternative, nor Google Art project, Google Scolar and a lot of others has really good alternatives. I can avoid these services, because I dont need these, but a lot of people can’t, most studiants an profesionals.

They exist, I know a woman dev (German) from the Vivaldi community, also one of the devs of the Andisearch is a woman (CEO and Cofunder)

I am not misunderstanding the veganism, I know that some vegans also include mushrooms as option, depends of a personal preference to exclude only animal products or limiting the diet to pure vegetables. The last can’t include Fungi, because they are not really vegetables. Anyway nor of the vegetable protein has the same cuality of these of animals. Plant proteinas, most in legumes and nuts, not so in Fungi, are much more simple in their composition and not so well assimilated by ourmetabolism, becaise of this the needed complements in the diet.

Agree, but there are no alternatives to ALL Google services (f.Exmpl SreetView, in YouTube you can use one of the front-ends, but there are no good alternatives to YT itself, GoogleEdu, and some more with no or only worse alternatives) Google isn’t only the search engine, even if you use another one, it’s not so easy to avoid Google if you go online. The most pages you visit are depending direct or indirect on Google influences, even probably your ISP itself, DNS server, SEO Tools they use, adding the colaboration with some goverments and a looong etc. See

I understand, but what I mean is that in some products with more than 100 forks, it becomes somewhat irrelevant if you have the source or not, independent of this, as I mencioned before, in the case of the freeware browser Vivaldi, offers political more freedom for the user as some so called FOSS browser, forked and controled by Google and others.

I mean, that the philosophy and meaning of FOSS in recent years, since the big monopolies, such as Google, M$, Facebook, Amazon, etc, have appropriated it, has been quite distorted, especially in mass products, independent of paid or not. For a normal user it is irrelevant whether they can download the source code or not, if for 99,9% of them it is the same as an old Chinese document. In other words, freedom basically depends on other factors, starting with the conditions of use, a strong community and the company’s ethics regarding the user.

Depends, some of them, like Startpage (proprietary) or Whoogle (FOSS) use the Google engine (Whoogle without the ads), others are using Bing, some metasearch engines like Metager use several engines and a own one, Andi is a special case, it don’t show a lot of results, but the most relevant ones corresponding to your cuestion, or shows a direct answer. It’s a AI driven search assistant who understands the concept of your search (It’s still in beta, but in heavy developement and works very well, I use it in first instance when Isearch specific things. Anyway itself permits the search with several other engines. What I like most, also permits to view most pages in the result in Reader view, without the need to open them.

Different search engines have different results, because of this is advisable to use several engines if you want a serios research sometimes. I use often different search engines to find the best source in some themes, including also specific ones from image, science, music, social networks.

Fungus isn’t a vegetal in the strict sense, because of this, it isn’t vegan.

Yeast, also used in the elaboration af bread, beer and other alcoholic drinks, is a bacteria, not fungi. Artificial products are not generally bad, but for example sintetic vitaminic and mineralic complex are not so good metabolized as these in natural products, because they lacks of other substances which helps the own metabolism. More simple, you can’t substitude a lemon by a citric acid or ascorbic acid (vit.C). pill. Fungi also isn’t a plant, it’s a own specie between flora and fauna, because of this also not accepted by strict vegans.

All of the living in this planet have the same bioquimic base, the human isn’t a exception, he also is a colective of billons of specialized living cells, apart ~3kg of bacterias in our intestine, without we can’t live. We have in 70% the same DNA as a Onion.

Certainly are people in the third world without a regulary access to animal protein, but also there are normally a lessd lifespan as in the western world. Apart, there is a huge difference between not a regulary access to animal protein and never. Most of the people in these countries are also include insects and other recources in their diet, even in few occasions. This is just what a healthy diet include, which we don’t have in the western world with meet for every day, which is also not a healthy and balanced diet, as I mencioned before (depending on the climatic conditions, and activity. A Inuit with -30ªC need more fat and animal products as the people in Africa with 40ºC, also a worker in a fundition more than a officinist)

Yes, without a doubt, but i’ve seen vegans who do this, because milk isn’t vegan and which don’t even use honey in their diet nor using yeast as complement. Works in young people some years, but all they finished with 40-50 years with several serious health diseases. As I say, fanatism is bad and it is idiotic to pretend that it from falling from one extreme to the other due to alleged unnatural excesses in the past in meat feeding to the other just as unnatural only with vegetals.

As I said before, the most used complement is yeast, by definition not vegan, because are bacterias, others are complements of vitamines and trace elements, made by the industry, obtained in artificial manner.

You probably know from other posts of mine that I use Vivaldi as the main browser, it’s distributed as freeware, because it’s not entirely OpenSource, the UI scripts are Vivaldi’s proprietary, but it’s not like Chrome, where only the Chromium part is OpenSource and the rest closed source no auditable, in Vivaldi 100% of the script is auditable and the proprietary part can be modified by the user, in the community they even teach how (although of course at their own risk), but only for personal use, Google and others cannot fork it for their own browsers. I think it is a reasonable measure to survive for a small cooperative in a market saturated with Chromiums, which are also used by the largest in this market (Google and M$), nothing to do with freedom It is at this point that the OpenSource designation becomes quite relative and irrelevant, in a market of over 100 browser forks and another 70 already discontinued, obsolete or abandoned projects. That is to say, in a software market saturated with one type of product, being OpenSource, this meaning now only acquires a purely academic status, nothing to do with freedom. Les in a market stagnant with only three engines since 20 years. Same with the search engines, the best most stables privacy focused are almost proprietary services (Startpage, DDG, Qwant, Andi, Lilo and a lot of others), well, there are also OpenSource engines, like SearX instances (Metasearch) or Whoogle (Google Engine), but there are teh need to use public instances if you don’t have a own server and the results are very deficient, mostly te image search don’t work well.

There are millions of healthy young vegans, depending on their lifestyle and activity. Vegan diet is possible, but only well planned and with the needed complements. Because of this it’s better a vegetarian diet, wich aports these complements with some animal products, instead of artificial products. It’s correct that the human is the only species which have milk of other species in the diet, but this is irrelevant, because its a similar resource of calcium, and vit A, D and complex of B as in the own milk. Try to keep your young child healthy with soy milk, as I have seen in some cases of fanatical vegans, with dire consequences.

But in general I mentioned dairy products, such as cheeses and yogurts, instead of milk, since milk as it is is not well digestible for an adult as it lacks the necessary enzymes to digest it well, only present in children, but this is valid regardless of whether the milk is their own or from a cow, goat or sheep, also a adult cow can’t digest well the own milk. These enzymes are not needed in cheese or other curdled milkproducts. Perhaps humans will evolve in the future with a 5m longer intestine, to allow us to take advantage of all the nutrients from vegetables, but until then there is no option to stay healthy in the long term.

If it is for reasons of sustainability, it is better to use animal products in their proper measure and not abuse them as in our current society. It is better to have 1 top quality steak a week, than a steak from the supermarket every day. Or, switch to insect protein, as is done in many countries, which is certainly the most sustainable source of premium quality protein and nutrients, business as usual. Well basically there is not much difference between a shrimp or a grasshopper.

Agree, OpenSource no neccessary is also free, it can also be paid software/services. For example ProtonVPN is OpenSource, but the free versión has only few servers and is restricted to one PC or Mobile, because servers cost money. The sense of OpenSource is to make it easy to share and develope a new product, but the great error of most FOSS fans is to believe that FOSS is sinonym of security and privacy. It isn’t not more than in other soft and depends only of the intentions of the devs or the company behind it. A product, also FOSS is only so good as the maintance of it and the support community, nothing more dangerous as a FOSS discontinued or with a deficent maintance, als a hacker can see the source code and contamine it or see security holes, without the need to disensable it first. I like and prefer FOSS, but I also don’t say that a product is crap when it isn’t FOSS. For a normal user is more important to read TOS and PP of anything he use, to avoid ugly surprises. I don’t mind using a reputable freeware with a good privacy policy, if it offers better features than FOSS alternatives. For example, a good software such as the famous IrfanView (unfortunately only for Windows, although it works well with Wine in Linux), does not have an real equivalent in functionality in the FOSS alternatives, well, Nomacs Image Lounge is the closest. Fanatism is the biggest error also in this ambit, where only count the common sense.

First the vegetarian diet include animal products, the vegan don’t, that is the significant difference. Yes, we can eat as omnivoros also a diet based in vegetables, but not only, we can’t sufficiently metabolize the necessary nutrients of a strictly vegetable diet. Just like other omnivores. A dog, a bear, a pig, and even our closest relatives, the chimpanzee, can eat vegetables, but they have to supplement this diet from time to time with animal protein to stay healthy. Of course, a strict vegan can make up for these deficiencies with the intake of supplements, vitamins, proteins and trace elements, but I don’t know, a diet that must be accompanied with pills, at least for me, is far from being healthy, sustainable and balanced.

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