Friends don’t let friends use proprietary software.

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iCloud Private Relay is designed to protect your privacy by ensuring that when you browse the web in Safari, no single party—not even Apple—can see both who you are and what sites you’re visiting.

Could you clarify whether source citation is a rule or just a guideline?

A guideline. People can assert things, and people can show evidence. an argument will be more believable with evidence. Repeatedly asserting things in spite of evidence might get your comments deleted though.

character attacks on groups of people

I would imagine that’s not civil. If someone sees this please report it and there will probably be a discussion about it.

These seems silly but people actually believe this crap. They will never learn better if people never challenge them.

IDK how long I can do it, but at least their questions have been easily debunkable.

you can use your current account. Im working on a way to make it easier, but you can search for the url of a GTIO community to find it like this

I’m not a free-speech absolutist, and I’m planning on moderating heavily, so IDK how long that will last lol

ty, Its hard because everything is “politics”.
If you have any suggestions I created the c/META community for just that purpose =]

They are vague and will be updated as necessary.

It’s extremely hard to identify and moderate “fake news”, so my plan is not to =/
If people are not allowed to post missinfo, then people cant counter that evidence.

I’m hoping that users can post counter-evidence and let the zeitgeist decide the truth.

This sounds like a good debate topic tho =]

Yeah… =/
I set it to “require application” because there is no UI index of users; I cant really keep track of users and if they’re trolling other instances.

I agree generally that fascists like to hide behind a veil of neutrality, but so do others.

I say “politically neutral” to mean that mods wont ban you for having conservative opinions =/

If someone posts “whats wrong with fascism?” they wont get banned but would be met with ideas.

Trolling would get you banned though, and I don’t want to be a safe harbor for those that seek to troll other instances.

This is for Nigeria and has nothing to do with Nine Inch Nails

that’s really awesome!

what other ways are there to seduce users?

BTW, are we going to get a handler for comment-links, i.e. “”, soon?

Does this mean I coined the phrase “fedilink”?

cross-posted from: > > Traditional U.S. electoral maps not only illustrate polarization, they can exacerbate it. No state is strictly red or blue, they are all shades of purple.