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I just got 4kg of prusas rPLA, now I get to use it for test prints and functional prints. I do seem to have to print a little hotter, possibly due to some glitter being in it.

I think it’s ok to require the original instance to be online, an insecure migration should just be telling people to follow a different path imo. I think giving communities a low friction way to be nomadic would ease concerns about deciding between self hosting and using existing instances. Users could perhaps be presented with a popover to communicate the change and maybe have an archived link to the old community path. It would also be cool if you could initiate a migration using just backed up config secrets in a new instance.

This aged well.


NFT this

For a moment I thought this person has some water bottle with integrated mp4 player lol

There’s printathing which is more commercial and automated, and also r/3dprintmything where you can ask for quotes. You could probably ask in most 3d printing groups and find someone willing to print.

I remembered and tracked down this comment made by Matthew on HN 4 months ago - I’ve been trying to pay attention to pain points that prevent my friends from trying out federated services. He seems to acknowledge the issue / distinction between discord’s voice channels and what matrix is lacking:


And further down:

Thanks all for the responses - the whole “matrix doesn’t have voice channels” thing is much clearer now: it’s not the hard bit (voice/video conferencing!) but just the UX of how it’s hooked up. This we can fix :)

I’m not sure if there is anything more recent about it though.

Lmao I got started early and deleted bin on my arch install in college

It would be interesting if someone tried to actually make a wealth-redistribution coin, perhaps by heavily taxing large transfers and redistributing it - I’m not sure how you could possibly prevent it from being gamed though. And of course you would have to convince the richest to use it. So I guess more interesting as a thought experiment.

Tell them they don’t have a support contract with you and then give them an invoice with a generous amount.

This is a random idea, but what if instance admins could subscribe to another or multiple other instances block lists? It might be a useful mechanism to reduce duplicate work. Smaller instance admins could subscribe to larger instance block lists to share the moderation burden.

Nice I didn’t know about that! My vm servers all just have lots of cores so it’s tough currently.

As long as the app doesn’t require google play services then yep. I use apk extractor by meher on the play store. I’ve used it to transfer a few apps I paid for to a non-connected device and it worked.

I like this extension which works with a handful of big news sites: https://github.com/iamadamdev/bypass-paywalls-chrome - there’s a firefox build there too

Mesh.Party - A Lemmy instance for mesh network denizens.

I suppose this serves as an announcement post for this instance - lemmy.mesh.party is a lemmy instance that is accessible via clearnet as well as using the Yggdrasil mesh protocol. …