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That jackass used Tor and connected to his campus wifi on his laptop with his creds, started up Tor, and made the bomb threat. He was caught because he didn’t use a bridge and connected to Tor over their wifi with his credentials and he was the only one using Tor at the time. Had he went to some public wifi off camera he likely wouldn’t have been caught actually, or used a bridge, supposedly that would help. Also of course it doesn’t need to be said but I’m gonna: shouldn’t be calling in bomb threats anyway lol.

I’ve been using Librewolf on Fedora, Bromite and Vanadium on mobile, and DDG for search but not super happy with that one and am looking for a replacement myself. Might use startpage, idk.

Can you download the app on a nondegoogled phone through play and take the apk from that phone? Does it work that way?

It looks like a level from a tennis video game circa 2004.

Let's see..