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I’m unsurprised this happened at all, now that I understand capitalism from a Marxist point of view. I don’t think Google needs to do anything to Mozilla (both Foundation and Corporation); capitalism will work it’s magic and it will just become a corporation that utilizes it’s flagship product (Mozilla Firefox) for profit, not liberation from the corporate internet.

We need to use established browsers that aren’t made by capitalists: Lynx, Links, surf, eww. (Servo is experimental.)

They could at least put them to use in Earthships.

or Tire Sandals.

is the Technology community really the right one?

I’m not certain. It is technically a part of technology and it’s an influential project in the TF2 community.

Ah yes. Buying a company is totally subversive! /s

> * Renamed the user folder to overrides. > * This change was made because of the existence of the user.scr file, which appears as user on some systems, causing confusion. Why?! The file extension is only hidden by the file manager. There's no reason to make a breaking change just because people complain about it; and the people can just change a setting in their file manager to fix it. Also `user.scr` is only in `tf/cfg`; this problem could be fixed by using `tf/custom` instead.

Yeah, but I like linking the source. eh. I’ll just use the pic instead.

Also it was my post and I need more ego. /s

That's why you shouldn't use GitHub...

It’s just a slog to show up to a course or lab or office and be the only girl there. Most just avoid it because they can foresee how it’s gonna go down. Getting into ‘girly’ interests feels safe before you even start because you’re guaranteed to be surrounded by women who empathize with you.

Why does that feel so relatable?

Oof. It’s unsurprising, but I still hate it. I also had my ideas mocked because of an ad hominem argument.

No Web Without Women
This is nice. I didn't know about these women, other than Grace Hopper. Why are women so underrepresented in tech?

No, it’s the only thing you think it’s useful for because you don’t realize how many other uses a VPN has. Tons of people play videogames like GTA: Online and use a VPN to avoid potentially being doxxed by some script kiddy with a mod menu.

Why not just use a proxy server?

This article IMO is clickbaity and just relies on the author being wilfully ignorant and… like… needlessly smug/hostile?

How is the article clickbait? (It goes against the status quo.) How is the author ignorant?

The reality is, if some regular person just wants to torrent stuff, or watch content on Netflix/Hulu, or play GTA without having to worry about some kid trying to dox/DDoS them, a VPN makes absolute sense.

What if the VPN service logs the activity? Then copyright holders can still interrogate you, just through your VPN instead of your ISP.

How do you confirm that the VPN service does not log your activity? It would be difficult to prove the lack of logging.

The person could have a higher attack vector than just using their IP; it’d make more sense to use a proxy than a VPN. (Virtual Private Network.)

Thank god I saw this. I vehemently dislike the idea of paying VPNs. I forgot proxies existed for some reason; I used them in the past.

I'm in agreement of Google's brief; however, Google has a history of surveillance and privacy violations; so I'm suspicious of their actions. I think Google is trying to pull off a [false flag operation](https://wikipedia.org/wiki/False_flag).

Because they have that BS “you don’t need consent to record someone in public” thing.

Two party consent? Idk, I don’t really like the idea of it. What if the recorded party abuses the system to discard recorded evidence?

I'm uncertain if deepfake porn should be banned; it's already difficult to enforce copyright on the internet, because it'll just get redistributed. Similarly, it would be impossible to enforce restrictions on deepfake porn; because it can easily be redistributed.

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Don't mind me. I'm just gonna make some leftist memes real quick.

[Idea] An emacs client built for privacy.
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